Multi-linear Text Project

From the Syllabus: Multi-linear Text (10%)- One of the most prominent developments in electronic literature is the exploration of non- or multi-linear texts. Hypertext is one such mode, and Interactive Fiction is a close cousin. What both have in common is the move away from the print codex as a compositional frame. Your project may include original content or you may draw on existing texts (within the bounds of copyright law). Fiction, expository, and analytical writing.

Three student Twines from prior semesters: Cara's Elegy for Boots, Lynn's The Mister, and Sahar's Unlock Sherlock. For the truly ambitious, there is Eliza's IF Seas of Astoria using Inform 7

Also note Julia's useful reflection on what makes a good Twine:

Description of the desired use of this feature
Published on the web
Should be clearly titled, with a "title passage" including the authors name, uploaded to Github and linked prominently from the author's Github site html
Some use of CSS to customize font and background / style color. Appropriate to project.

Selection and arrangement of elements should be coherent (suited to the purpose of the project).

A statement, somewhere, hopefully not to hard for Sherwood to locate. Paragraph

At least a dozen; demonstrate effort and plan.

Make some (effective) use of media, such as image, video, or sound. Don't go overboard for the sake of dumping things into your Twine, but do show you can use it.

Edit and Proofread. Spelling counts. Double check.

Name and title
Identify yourself.