Description of this element or aspect of a good pedagogical mini-project
1) ID Goals
Pedagogical principles ought to be evident and used in a significant way within the project.
2) Goals Enacted
Methodology: The project should be an outgrowth of the identified learning goals.
3) Tech Match
Technology or platform/format choice should be appropriate to the goals above.
4) Rationale
Why is this worth doing in a digital manner? How would you answer a skeptic who wonders about the usefulness?
5) Situated
A clear teaching context (course, student type, subject, type of school) ought to be identified AND the project ought to be appropriate to that context.
6) Digital Dimension
Project makes fundamental (rather than incidental) use of the digital environment; in other words, the digital element should be transformative.
As appropriate to your format (lesson plan, project, course syllabus, etc.), the project should develop specific detail and depth. Another teacher or a student who is digitally literature should be able to implement your lesson.