Become familiar with the basics of HTML by hand-coding a simple web page.

A simple, professional web page usually has these elements:
  • Name
  • Academic rank/ status / degrees
  • places of study / area of study (i.e. Modern American literature and film)
  • further information, i.e. a professional bio paragraph or link to a downloadable CV
  • collection of links - to departments at institutions where you study, to online projects you may have completed, to organizations of which you are a member or resources which you think are important, etc..

For our assignment, you should have at least:
  1. One link to an external website (such as your blog for this class?)
  2. One link to a secondary page on your website
  3. One image (this image should be uploaded to your site and not linked from elsewhere; it should also be sized and positioned appropriately)
  4. One list (using either <ol> for numbers or <ul> for bullets)
  5. At least two headings