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Spring 2017 Digital Comp, Lit, Ped
Literature in the Digital Age. Adam Hammond. Cambridge UP, 2016.
A New Companion to Digital Humanities. Eds. Schreibman, et al. Blackwell, 2016. Print and Online (IUP Library)

Digital_Humanities. Anne Burdick, Johanna Drucker, Peter Lunenfeld, Todd Presner, Jeffery Schnapp. Cambridge, MA: MIT Press, 2012
Introduction to Digital Humanities: Concepts, Methods, and Tutorials for Students and Instructors. Johanna Ducker.
Debates in the Digital Humanities. Ed. Matthew K. Gold. U Minnesota P, 2012.
Digital Humanities Pedagogy: Practices, Principles, and Politics. Ed. Brett D. Hirsch. Open Book Publishers, 2012.
A Companion to Digital Literary Studies. Eds. Ray Siemens and Susan Schreibman. Blackwell. 2008
Companion to Digital Humanities Study. Eds. Susan Schreibman, Ray Siemens, and John Unsworth. Blackwell. 2004
Literary Studies in the Digital Age: An Evolving Anthology. MLA Commons.

Week 1

T 1/24

R 1/26
Debates: DH and What's it Doing in English Departments. Matthew Kirschenbaum.

Week 2

T 1/31
Debates: The Public Course Blog Trevor Owens

Optional: CompLit: Blogs and Blogging: Text and Practice. Amy Morrison

D_H: Digital_Humanitiespp. 3-60.

R 1/2
IDH - DH101 sections 1B; 2A, the HTML Tutorial

Week 3

T 2/7

R 2/9
LDA “Digital Medium and its Message” C1, pp3-21

Week 4

T 2/14
LDA “Medium Shifts” C2, pp 22-40;
LDA “Short-circuiting Publication” C6, pp. 133-152
Due: Academic web page
R 2/16
LDA “Interactivity … Narrative” C7, ppp. 154-175

Shelly Jackson - My Body

Mike Clark's 88 Constellations
Emily Short - Galatea.

Week 5

T 2/21

R 2/23
Ryan, CompDH: 28. Multivariant Narratives;
New Companion to DH: Elecronic Literature As Digital Humanities, Scott Rettberg.

Week 6

T 2/28
LDA “Literature ...Digital Master Medium” C8, pp. 175-197

R 3/2

Due: Multilinear Text

LDA “Quantitative Approaches” C5, pp. 82-132

Week 7

T 3/7
DHPed10. Teaching Computer-Assisted Text Analysis Stéfan Sinclair and Geoffrey RockwellLDSATanya Clement, “Text Analysis, Data Mining, and Visualizations in Literary Scholarship”

R 3/9
Text Analysis and Visualization: Making Meaning Count. Sinclair and Rockwell. NewCompDH - CH 19

Week 8

Spring Break: No Classes March 13-18
T 3/14

Due: Present – Visualization
R 3/16

Week 9

T 3/21
LDA “The Universal Library” C3, pp. 41-56

R 3/23

Week 10

T 3/28

R 3/30

Week 11

T 4/4
LDA “Digital Editions..Remediation” C4, pp. 57-81

R 4/6
Clement, Tanya. Multiliteracies in the Undergraduate Digital Humanities Curriculum: Skills, Principles, and Habits of Mind. Digital Humanities Pedagogy: Practices, Principles and Politics. http://www.openbookpublishers.com/htmlreader/DHP/chap15.html#ch15

Week 12

T 4/11
Fyfe, Paul. “Digital Humanities Unplugged,” Digital Humanities Quarterly. 5.3: 2011.
Due: Present – Omeka exhibit
R 4/13
LDA “Code: Print in the Digital Age” pp. 198-206

Week 13

T 4/18

Due: Pedagogical Intervention
R 4/20

Week 14

T 4/25

R 4/27

Week 15

T 5/2

Due: Final Project
R 5/4