Twine: Sherwood Demo

Use it online at
  • Save to your computer via "Publish to File"
  • Any twine.html can be uploaded to a website to publish OR opened in Twine to explore its structure.

Tutorial Screencasts.

The default story format is Harlowe 1.2.3. Please note that the format does more than change the "look" of a Twine story. So there are different rules for conditionals and other syntax. Be careful!

Particular skills:
Twine: Links | Format Text |Change Appearance | Add images | Adding HTML

Visual Style:
Using CSS with TWINE
Simple example of a Twine following the CSS tutorial above.

Using "Conditionals" with Twine.
This is an example I wrote to show variables and conditionals. For fun, I also uploaded it to Github to show you how it can be published: