Voyant Workshop

Allows us to visualize word frequency in one or more texts, producing cirrus "word clouds," visualize word trends, look at frequent words in context, etc. It may be used as a discovery tool and as a research tool for exploring a hypothesis. It is open source; your data is stored at the Voyant website unless you download your own edition.
1.) Sample text
  • Here is a sample data set from the last debate between American Presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders.
Let's learn how to view the data, work with and save various visualizations.
  1. stop words
  2. selecting a word in cirrus and viewing a word trend
  3. saving / favoriting word trends
  4. navigation via the summary panel

Discussion: significant patterns? possible research questions?
Patterns to the invocation of specifically patriotic keywords (American, country, etc.)

2.) How to Upload a Text
A simple ascii.txt (as you might edit in Notepad) copyied and pasted into the uploader is best. You need to upload separate files if you want it to treat two or more texts as separate. Voyant will TRY to interpret other file formats or complete direct uploads from URLs. Your mileage may vary.

3.) Saving your work

4.) In-class exploration
Explore Public Domain texts such as classic literary texts at Project Gutenberg or Archive.org. Generally you want to access the Plain text or ASCII version.

  • Choose a text (or texts)
  • Explore openly
  • Works towards formulating a research question
  • Investigate with a focus; saving "snapshots" of relevant patterns.
  • Begin to frame observations / analysis.