Week 01 - Tuesday

  • Introductions
  • Freewrite / discuss: What is digital English study (Comp/Lit/Ped)?
  • Syllabus review

  1. Create a Wordpress blog: www.wordpress.com
  2. Share the address of your new blog with the class (I will soon be restricting access to this list to people on this wiki only. So you can retain some anonymity if you like.) Find and follow your classmates' blogs
  3. Debates: Digital Humanities and What’s It Doing in English Departments? Matt Kirschenbaum.

Week 01 - Thursday


  • Additional Syllabus questions
  • Changes forthcoming on articles for reading list.



  • Wordpress
  • Class wiki: I would like you to join it.
    1. Request / create an account
    2. Join

HW: For Tuesday
  1. Read Debates. The Public Course Blog: The Required Reading We Write Ourselves for the Course That Never EndsTrevor Owens (Optional: read CompLit. Blogs and Blogging: Text and Practic.e Amy Morrison)
  2. Compose a reading response to Owens; post it to your blog (you may bring it in electronic form and we'll upload in class if you run into trouble). What are some of the implications of "blogs" as tools and "blogging" as an activity in English classrooms? What else did you learn? What do you question? Does blogs remain relevant?
  3. Begin reading in Digital_Humanities pp. 3-60. Please bring text to class. We'll be working our way through it by making a Collaborative-D_H-Outline. Also, please bring a laptop if you can.