Week-02 Tuesday

Discussion of Blogging

The Public Course Blog: The Required Reading We Write Ourselves for the Course That Never Ends.Trevor Owens
  • What are some of the implications of "blogs" as tools and "blogging" as an activity in English classrooms? What else did you learn? What do you question? Does blogs remain relevant? Compare to traditional or other kinds of digital assignments, like an LMS forum.

  1. Please complete the CodeAcademy Tutorial HTML Basics

Week-02 Thursday

Discussion : Digital_Humanities


Let's prepare to discuss this thorough overview of D_H by collaboratively summarizing key moments.
  1. Join the Wiki
  2. Request Membership
  3. Working in pairs, reread a portion of (Digital_Humanities PDF) and then summarize a subsection -- entering between one and four sentences in the outline.
  4. Collaborative-D_H-Outline

Overview: DISCUSS - major elements of this chapter.
What is meant by the "traditions of humanistic inquiry," as they pertain to English studies. What changes or possibilities are most intriguing and provocative to you? Are you familiar with the vocabulary of digitization: "classification," "metadata," "versioning" etc.? How is it that this computational emphasis promises to be "generative"?

Preview of HTML

Next week, we will begin practice writing <html>, which is the markup language used to build the web and one of the core technologies in DH projects. We'll also discuss two brief readings from Drucker's DH-101 course which should help you understand why it is worth a learning about markup tags as a way of structuring text and the differences between an ordinary website and a DH project.

  1. Read the sections 1B; 2A, the HTML Tutorial from the DH 101 course website (You may find the PDF format HTML Tutorial more clearly formatted.) Visit two of the website mentioned in 1B, choose one, and write a brief response to these questions and post it to your blog: What is on this site? What is the difference between a “website” and a digital humanities project? What dimensions does [your website] have that distinguishes it?
  2. Tuesday, we'll be working on creating a basic web page. If possible, bring your laptop to class (and install the Google Chrome browser). We'll be working on creating a basic web page. Please look at this beginning example of mine and type up the corresponding information for yourself to use in your page.
  3. On Thursday, we'll be discussing Literature in the Digital Age “Digital Medium and its Message” C1, pp3-21.