Discuss Readings - Pedagogy of Computer-Assisted Text Analysis

Recipes and Themes

Recipes: Voyant / Computer Assisted Text Analysis

Theme activity
What is a theme or question you might explore in one of these corpuses? What would the recipe for doing so look like?

  1. Five works of pre-20th c. Literary Criticism (edited Stop list, not clean texts).
  2. Virginia Woolf - Five Texts
  3. 14 Obama Speeches
  4. States of Union
  5. Six Inauguration Speeches

Discussion (if time allows)

Homework: Read Text Analysis and Visualization: Making Meaning Count. Sinclair and Rockwell. NewCompDH - CH 19.
Work on your Voyant visualization.



Project Gutenberg (esp. Public Domain literature in English)
Classic Folklore - U Pitt, Ashleman
Modernist Magazines - Blue Mountain (individual texts)


  • Discussion of parameters for the next mini-project -
  • Preparing texts for visualization. (cleanup)
    • Text editor
    • File naming
  • Finer points of Voyant use
    • (Stopwords, Whitelist, Segmentation; different "views"/tools, how to calibrate and how to interpret)
    • Exporting and Saving
      • widgets
      • links
      • images (static)

Homework: Prepare a blog post discussing your visualizations, embedding widgets; be prepared to present following break.