Show and discuss your Voyant visualization.

Homework: See Thursday


No class meeting. Sherwood at NEMLA conference.

Our next, and final mini-project will be an archival database using an exhibit building tool called Omeka. You'll be gathering and organizing legal (open-source, public domain, or fair-use) images and texts, structuring, tagging and presenting them as an interpretive exhibit and a research tool for others.
In order to start thinking about about such project building, I'd like you to read a handful of sections from the DH101 course at UCLA.

If you find it easier, I have collated these sections into a single, printable PDF:

Please visit the Omeka.net Showcase. Choose one project to explore in depth. Consider the kinds of materials included, how they are selected and organized (via Tags and Collections), how meta-data is used to organize items, and how their arrangement in Exhibits provides interpretive insight or constructs a narrative.
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