HW: Reading: Fyfe, Paul. “Digital Humanities Unplugged,” Digital Humanities Quarterly. 5.3: 2011. DebatesWhere’s the Pedagogy? The Role of Teaching and Learning in the Digital Humanities STEPHEN BRIER. On your blog, please share a question or observation you'd like to contribute to the class discussion.


Pedagogy: blogs, hypertexts, archives, web-pages, distant reading visualizations. When, why, and how to teach these?

Discussion of Clements article from last week.
Discussion of Fyfe and Brier.

We'll continue pedagogy discussion on Tuesday. Form a group of 3-4 students for Tuesday Discussion.
Digital Humanities Pedagogy. http://www.openbookpublishers.com/htmlreader/DHP/toc.html

Group Pedagogy Discussion (One minute thesis model)
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HW: Choose an article and produce one "slide" to engender a discussion inspired by that article. (You don't need to summarize the whole article.) You'll have ten minutes at the start of class to coordinate. NEXT WEEK WE WILL ALSO