Copyleft (Creative Commons)
Public domain
Original works (i.e. photographs you have taken).
Fair use and the four factors

Your archival Omeka mini-project should deal with some coherent, defined literary, linguistic, or cultural phenomenon. You will need to have access to "objects" that you can legally include in the archive, via fair use, copyleft/creative commons licensing, or because they are in the public domain.
Important sources for copyleft or public domain materials include:

  1. The British Library
  2. Public Domain Sherpa: Books Photos, Maps, etc.
  3. Internet Archive: ebooks, video, and sound
  4. Project Gutenberg: (scanned classic texts)
  5. Search Creative Commons (indexing available texts/items from across the web)
  6. Google Books (a selection of public domain books; select free google ebooks in the search customization. These can then usually be downloaded in epub or pdf format.)
  7. US National Archives (images, text, etc)